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Diane — Granta, forthcoming

Animals After DarkGranta

Winner of the 2023 DISQUIET Literary Prize

Uncontrollable, IrrelevantThe Paris Review, Issue no. 242

The Mouse's Bride — Eleven Stories Prize Anthology (via Desperate Literature)

Runner-up in the 2022 Desperate Literature Short Fiction Prize

Moscow Diary — DIAGRAM, Issue 22.1

Atlantic City — Hobart

I Love You, Dr. Rudnitsky — New England Review, Volume 41.2


Bird List — Pleiades, Volume 42.1

Walking Through the Rose Garden — Poetry Northwest, Volume 16.2


Love Letter Written on Lake Michigan & [In the back behind the shed...] — Poetry Northwest Online


A Letter in Deadlines and Divine Distractions, Number 10

On Denton Welch's In Youth Is Pleasure for The Paris Review Daily

Behind the Byline — an interview with Malka Daskal in New England Review

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